Fun things about the marriage of a strange woman in Fenghua-1

/September 2021

When preparing for the wedding, my brother-in-law compiled a detailed schedule, including the staffing table, wedding flow chart, and several maps marked in detail. 

Those of us who serve tea and water are suddenly on the list. 

Privately, we are predicting whether our brother-in-law will write a program and implant it into our brains to make sure the wedding is foolproof. 

According to custom, when the bridegroom goes to meet him, he has to rob him. 

In other words, the bride's relatives and friends have to block the door and try all kinds of ways to embarrass the bridegroom and forbid him to enter the door. 

On the other hand, the bridegroom wants soft foam and hard grinding, intimidation, and seduction, anyway, he has to use all kinds of ways to open the bride's door. 

How did I know that my brother-in-law came up and shouted at the door, "Open the door!" 

It's too late! " 

Seeing that the people inside the door were still weakly resisting, he shouted, "Open the door quickly, or you will die if I go in!" 

Obviously, according to custom, the bridegroom stuffed red envelopes into the cracks in the door to please the bride's relatives and friends. 

The brother-in-law put all four red envelopes into the door at once. 

Domineering and leaking. 

And when they held a ceremony on the stage of the hotel, of course, they booed for a kiss. 

After Sister Xiao Cao and her brother-in-law reluctantly fulfilled everyone's wishes, the brother-in-law stepped down from the stage and said to everyone who had just made the most noise, "when you get married, you will be miserable." 

Everyone, oh, every one of them is greeted. 

You've got to be kidding me. My wife just got married and figured out how to get even after the fall.

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