Fun things about taking wedding photos-1

/September 2021

My husband and I have an appointment with the studio this morning. We are going to take wedding photos today. 

But the sky was not beautiful in the morning, and there was a light rain. 

In addition, as a tour guide, my voice was hoarse in a row some time ago, and my condition was not very ideal. 

Suddenly there is a feeling that I don't want to take wedding photos today, but the 16th of next month is our wedding day. 

I was in such a hurry that I had no choice but to shoot. 

I had an appointment with the makeup artist at 08:30, but it was 09:30 when we arrived at the studio. 

My other good sister, who also took wedding photos with us today, is both excited and nervous. 

When I arrived at the studio, I saw that my sister and her husband had put on their makeup. 

When I put on my makeup and went to choose clothes, I found that my period was coming. 

The dress of my studio was dyed bright red, and the makeup artist of the studio kindly changed a pair of short jeans for me. I felt very shy at that time and hurried to the opposite snack bar to buy sanitary napkins. 

The location of our first group is the church. 

I am wearing a white fishtail skirt and my husband is wearing a suit. 

My husband is 1.75 meters, and he is relatively thin, so he is very handsome and photogenic in a suit. 

For the first time, I suddenly found that my husband was so handsome! 

In the same scene, the photographer asked my husband to pick me up. 

My husband's first reaction was, "if it's too dangerous, can you not do something else that is not so difficult?" 

I was only 110 jin, but my husband could not hold me at all. The photographer said, "I am so thin and small that I can hold your wife, but you can't hold your wife?" 

Bride, you can consider changing the bridegroom. " 

All of a sudden, we both smiled at each other and were silent. At the moment, I was helpless and considerate to my husband and was a little crazy at the bottom of my heart. 

My figure is not fat. I can only blame my husband for not being able to pick me up.

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