Fun things about marriage-4

/September 2021


Helped my buddies to be the best man for the first time, TMD. 

When I got married, a group of his mothers pressed me to the ground and greeted me on my lap. 

In the evening, the skin and on the thigh are connected to the trousers. 

The swelling hasn't gone down for a whole month. 

The bridesmaids paid for a young lady to be stripped naked with a quilt over the quilt on the bed. 

What did my buddy say: grass! 

I reached into the quilt to wipe the oil, paralyzed to 7.8 hands. no, no, no. 

Another time was to have lunch. Originally, 50 tables were booked and 5 tables were prepared, which should be enough. As a result, the woman's family came with all the family members and got more than 60 tables. 

They are all women, and the family takes up a table with a gift of 100 yuan. 

There's another married one in the hotel. There's no room left. 

It was so angry that there were 2.3 seats at a table. 

The brother asked his wife to let their relatives squeeze 2 whole tables out, and mainly our buddies went to some friends of Maou. 

As a result, my brother gritted his teeth and took us to another restaurant to get some tables. 


I did encounter a similar one. When I attended a wedding, the bride took her shoes. The father of the groom knelt to take a look. The bridegroom was angry. The bride was stupid if he didn't get married. No one could persuade her. In the end, he left. It is said that the bride has not found a suitable one for several years. No one wants her.

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