Fun things about marriage-3

/September 2021


At that time, when I accompanied my brother to pick up relatives, I went directly to the iron pestle under the anti-theft door. As soon as she looked at the woman's house, she quickly opened the door. 

Did not find shoes, the bride refused to go out, almost directly carried the bed out, a brother has begun to smash the door frame. 

The scene almost made the bride cry. 


This is what happened to my family. My brother, who works in Beijing, has two apartments (one in Beijing West Railway Station and one in Tongzhou). He will be in-laws, and the other side puts forward: "1." 

We will fix the wedding date. 

The daughter's work must be arranged; 3. 

Buy a new house; 4. 

If the family has a debt and can't pay it off, you have to go back and sell the land. It's up to you. " 

The original words will not be described, the basic meaning is the above four points. 

Our family just agreed. 

On the wedding day, the bride was picked up at the house in Tongzhou, and more than 30 people (who had traveled thousands of miles from Hunan, but only 10 people from our family in Heilongjiang) handed out red envelopes, but they were still not allowed in; let my brother sing a song aloud and finished it; the woman's uncle said, finally, there is one more thing, this is their custom, they have to give 88888. 

My brother burns. This is the first time I have seen my brother burn in my life. I also burned for a long time. After burning, I went downstairs and said directly that I would not marry. 

That's what happened after that, and it didn't work out. 

My brother is still single and vowed never to marry again in his life. 

What a tnnd tragedy!

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