Fun things about marriage-2

/September 2021


A mopper told me! 

He was from the wedding company, and that day was not big and busy, so their boss went there in the first car, and the last car was also owned by his company. 

The bridegroom went upstairs to pick up the bride after 7 o'clock, but he hasn't come down yet at 11:00! 

The boss is angry! 

Go up and have a look. 

The bride watched a big LCD TV before talking to the bridegroom. The bridegroom didn't buy it. Let him buy it now! 

The bridegroom says to make up, but the bride won't do it! 

If you don't buy it now, you won't tie the knot! 

At last, the bridegroom got angry! 

Let me ask you again: do you want to come with me? 

The bride said no! 

The bridegroom turned around and said to the best man, the camera, and others, "Let's go!" 

No one in the motorcade downstairs said a word! 

The boss asked him where he was going. 

He said to go to the so-and-so neighborhood. 

After I went, I knelt to a girl and asked her to marry him, saying that I would give her happiness and be good to her! 

After kneeling for a long time, I brought down a bride without a wedding dress! 

At this time, the face of the bridegroom also opened ~ the boss said: I will take the exam! 

Dude, do you have a backup? 

The bridegroom said don't open my heart! 

This is my classmate, always like me, is that I used to have eyes without pearls. 

It is said that the bride-to-be went to the meeting later! 

And the bride's family also began to make trouble. 

The bridegroom said she didn't marry me! 

The next day I divorced my former bride ~ to get a marriage license with his classmate! 

Isn't that awesome? 


I also saw once, although the consequences were not so serious, the bridegroom was in a hurry and turned away with two curses. The bride's family nb and begged for mercy. At that time, no one could stand the scene. 

To put it bluntly, my buddy loves his wife to death. He is usually very bossy and considerate to his wife. 

On the day I went to pick up the bride, I used all kinds of tricks, mainly because the tricks were very abnormal. I had ink for more than 2 hours, and even tm was excited and hungry, which was tortured and destroyed by the people on our side of the bridegroom. 

It is hard to imagine some things without personal experience.

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