Foreign son-in-law comes to China-1

/September 2021

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Less than a month after I got married, I missed my family very much. after all, my parents had not seen Si after we got married. After discussion, we decided to return home in December for three weeks. Our family was naturally jubilant and eagerly looking forward to our truth. Si asked me very carefully what he needed to pay attention to. I said of course not, but you bring some long-sleeved clothes to block your big flower arm. 

Then Si bought some long-sleeved T-shirts and put them on. (to explain here, most Germans also wear short sleeves in their clothes in winter, because the heating in Germany is very powerful, from National Day holiday to Labour Day holiday. All can be adjusted manually. 

After buying some famous German gifts, my mother-in-law personally gave me two plates of chocolates and told me to bring her greetings to my parents, and chocolates. no, no, no. no, no, no. 

In short, in this way, we set out in a mighty way. 

What my parents mean is that we must take a set of domestic wedding photos, as well as the thank-you banquet. We agreed one by one. My dear aunt immediately booked the venue for my wedding photos, and the second aunt made the inside and outside of her house bright. Yes, we went back to live in the second aunt's house, and it was the master bedroom of his family! 

In Beijing and friends led Si to improve the city of Beijing, we flew to my mother city-Changchun, yes, I am the northeast girl, Changchun has the German Volkswagen, so we also have a German bar street, and many Germans live there, so, our people here, ask him is German, all think that he works in Volkswagen. 

When I saw my parents, they were very polite and ready to rename the money, as well as my aunt and grandpa, and so on. I had prepared it with Si before, so he smiled and thanked me for all the gifts and money. just give it to me after you put it away. no, no, no. no, no, no. 

Hahaha, then Si came to the second aunt, the word is not easy to say, he still stumbled and said, my mother is easy to read, Germany also called my mother, to my father, the best part came, Si called is three times, yes, it is dad. no, no, no. no, no, no. 

My father looked embarrassed and said, "OK, that's it." no, no, no. no, no, no. 

Put the money in the past, AHA, amid wild laughter.