Foreign son-in-law comes to China-2

/September 2021

This part of eating is even funnier. My dad is going to speak, and it is said many times at a meal. At this time, everyone should look at him with a wine glass, and then because Si simply does not understand what he is saying, and German food will not have such a sense of ritual, Si Si did not look up, yes, did not look up to continue to eat. no, no, no. 

My dad said that his self-esteem had been challenged and held back his anger, and then Si Si did not add water to his father during the process of drinking tea, and his anger had reached level 8. no, no, no. 

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After that, I talked to Si, what he means is that I need to tell him this in advance, because first of all, the language does not understand, and secondly, the cultural gap, for them, their father is in good health, why do you need you to add water? no, no, no. no, no, no. 

As for what Dad is going to do when he is talking, I can use body language to express it, kick, step on his foot, in short, to divert his attention. 

In addition to the elders, of course, Si Si also has to meet my friends, which is very interesting. For example, Si Si does not understand why there is no checkout after dinner. I said that they had all been married, and no one AA with him. I said that we finally came back once, and everyone wanted to invite you. Then, we ate all over Changchun with a frequency of 5 meals a day. During that time, we were real or were eating. 

Or on the way to eat. 

Si and I explained that our diet was culture, and everything was discussed at the dinner table. Back to the process of grabbing the order, after eating for free many times, Si couldn't sit still, and he began to try to pay. First, he could not find the cashier. Secondly, the waiter could not understand what he said. Finally, he tried to announce that he was going to treat him at the dinner table, and no one paid any attention to him. No, no, no. 

Finally, on one occasion, he went to pay in the middle of eating and then was told that someone had put the money on the cashier and that other people's money could not be taken. no, no, no. 

For the first time, Si heard that he had pressed the money before dinner. after he came home and asked me, I said that he bought a treat and let him accept it. After a night of unease, he finally found an opportunity to pay for dinner the next day! 

As a result, he didn't rush as fast as another friend, who pushed his money straight away and pressed his own. Yes, this is the most famous order grab in Northeast China. Si was unprepared for this kind of violence and surrendered. 

From then on, I fell in love with China.