Foreign son-in-law comes to China-4

/September 2021

A week later, we went back to get a big photo album, and then on our way back to the photo studio, Si met a foreign friend. Yes, he gloated and asked, "where are you from, big brother?" the other side said, "Seattle," he said, "do you want to take a picture?" they said, "it's okay," and then his face twitched. 

When we got our photo album, Si's German illness fell ill again, and he began to complain about other people's typesetting, this place is crooked, and most importantly, there are mistakes in English writing! 

Forever wrote, true love as true love, in short, it was very embarrassing, and then the staff said, "No one here has complained about this language," Si said. "then you will get a complaint later. There is a big brother from the United States over there. This is his mother tongue." 

AHA, finally, the staff said that they would revise the manuscript, and the victorious Scylla looked up in my parents' eyes and walked out of the front door of the photo studio.

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