Foreign son-in-law comes to China-3

/September 2021

Earlier, it was mentioned that my dear aunt booked us an appointment for wedding photos in China. Si and I said hello in advance. The wedding photos in China were different from those in Germany, and then, we got up at 6: 00 and 8: 00. 

That's right. On our wedding day in Germany, we planned to get up at 8 o'clock and leave at 10:00. When we got to the place of the wedding photo, Si felt that something was wrong. Why does the setting of this place look like our Europe? why is there a fountain? 

Why are there so many people shooting together? are we taking a group photo? why are there four people busy with the two of us (photographer 2 + makeup artist + assistant)? why is there still lunch? 

What year is this going to be filmed? 

Why doesn't everyone have a wedding ring? 

Why did the newlyweds next door go out to shoot location at minus 30 degrees? 

Why can't we men choose our clothes? they are all matched according to your women's skirts! 

Why all the clothes here don't fit? they look good on everyone. 

From the question body to the final roar, I remember the funniest scene now. Si is changing clothes. There is no fitting room. The dresser said change here. A coat. Si looked at me. I nodded and said yes. 

He took off his long-sleeved shirt, the whole room was very noisy, suddenly everyone saw his tattoo, there was silence, and then my Ma Ma very mechanically said, my uncle is an artist, tattooing is a hobby, and then everyone starts again. no, no, no. 

Normal activities, yes, it looks like a gangster or... no, no, no. 

The photo was taken for 12 hours, and it was finally over. Si said that his whole face had frozen, including several strange clothes, and he chose to refuse to put them on. We didn't seem to have anything, such as silver and pink, and a blue suit. He felt that after putting it on, he was out of tune inside and outside. No, no, no. 

Then, it's finally over, and we can go to dinner! 

No, I have to choose a movie. No, no, no. 

Take a look at thousands of films first, pick out some, and others will delete them. in the process of selecting films, Si strongly demands that you fix less! 

It must be repaired less! 

I want to be able to find my wife!

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