Attending a wedding-2

/September 2021

After a while, the commentator said that the beautiful bride was on the stage, and we all cheered again. 

The bride looked particularly beautiful in a white dress. 

The bridegroom quickly strode over, knelt on one knee, courted the bride, and held up bright red roses, representing his deep love for the bride. 

Everyone went to the front, and that's all I saw! 

The bridegroom grasped the bride's right hand with his left hand, lifted the bride's skirt with his right hand, and took her onto the stage. 

The commentator asked the bridegroom, "how well do you know each other?" 

The bridegroom said, "in 2013, in front of a hospital." 

The narrator asked the bride, "what did you call this handsome bridegroom?" 

The bride blushed and said, "Little fat man." 

Then the whole audience cheered. 

The commentator asked the bridegroom, "what is the most important thing you want to say to the bride now?" 

The bridegroom said to the bride, "I love you." 

We all laughed. 

At this time, the commentator invited the parents of both sides to the stage, and they each hugged their parents. 

The matchmaker finally stepped onto the stage and said something. 

Then, the parents of both sides will give a speech. 

However, the father of the bridegroom forgot all his lines because he was nervous, and he used a local accent, so we all laughed and then applauded to make him no longer nervous. 

The next step, of course, is to change the name of your parents. 

The bridegroom went up to the bride's parents and shouted, "Mom and Dad." 

The commentator echoed and said, "give me the money!" 

The whole audience laughed. 

They also happily gave the money. 

Finally, the program performed by the commentator, "drink Beer", don't watch just a little beer! 

Ask for two bottles, each finished in four seconds. 

It's not easy for him to do it. 

We've had the wedding, and we should all go home. 

I am very happy, this is the first time in my life to participate in such a grand scene ah! 

The thought of having a wedding will take so much trouble, then I will in the future. 

What are we going to do?!

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