Attending a wedding-1

/September 2021

Yesterday morning, I attended a grand wedding ceremony at my relative's house. 

At about 11:45, we arrived at the three-star hotel where the wedding was held. 

As soon as I looked up, I saw the scarlet letter on the electronic bar above: the bridegroom's name is Man Housekeeping, and the bride's name is Tu Mansu. 

At this time, my aunt seemed to notice. She asked me the name of the bride and groom. Fortunately, I was prepared in advance and answered quickly. 

The aunt nodded approvingly, saying that my attention ability is very strong, and my heart is even sweeter than eating honey. 

At this time, I saw the scarlet letter on it. Please go to the second floor for the wedding, where there are many small rooms. My father said he must have eaten in the small room. 

I said otherwise, there won't be many guests in the small room. 

Sure enough, he ate in a wide hall. 

We just pushed the door in, wow, there are a lot of people in there! 

They were all looking at me, and my face soon turned red and said hello to all my relatives and elders. 

They all praised me for growing up and growing taller. 

I'm very happy. 

After a while, an uncle came up, and he was the so-called commentator (not a matchmaker, and I couldn't address him, so I used the commentator instead! 


He told us that the wedding ceremony would begin in two minutes, and we were nervous, like an arrow with a round bow that could explode at any moment. 

"three, two, one. 

-- "here we go! 

I can only see the lights of all colors flickering together, which is very dazzling. 

Just then the bridegroom appeared on the stage. 

He introduced himself enthusiastically, and then I saw a large string of bright red roses in his hand, and he seemed a little nervous.

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