Anecdotes of European weddings-4

/September 2021

Smashing bowls and pots for good luck, there is no peace on the wedding night. 

In some parts of Germany, some ancient wedding customs are still followed, such as the "Putaban" ceremony, which is popular in Bonn to throw pots and smash bowls before marriage. 

In a solemn and festive atmosphere, the groom in a straight dress and the bride in a white wedding dress entered the wedding scene hand in hand, escorted by the bridesmaids and bridesmaids. The guests congratulated the newlyweds, and the bride and groom thanked the guests one by one. 

All of a sudden, the sound of smashing plates and smashing bowls sounded, and it lasted for a long time, just like the sound of firecrackers on New Year's Eve's night of the Chinese Spring Festival. 

It turns out that according to local traditions and customs, a ceremony to bid farewell to the New year and welcome the New year should be held before the wedding. 

The guests invited to the wedding each brought a few broken bowls, broken dishes, broken plates, broken bottles, and so on. 

At the ceremony, people fell on plates and smashed bottles, one after another, and the sound went on and on. 

The junk brought by the guests was smashed all over the floor, and the bride's parents smiled and swept the broken paper into a pile, packed it into an old iron suitcase, lit it in the middle of the yard, and the crowd sang and danced and cheered. 

In the traditional concept of the Chinese, it is taboo to break things on festive days, while the traditional concept of the Germans is just the opposite. 

They think that a hard fall can help newlyweds get rid of their past troubles and grow old together. 

What is more interesting is that the newlyweds should keep a close eye on the neighbors when someone breaks a piece of porcelain every once in a while. Upon hearing this, the newlyweds must immediately smash an object to express their gratitude.

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