Anecdotes of European weddings-3

/September 2021

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The young man courted the girl and brought a birch tree. 

Germans uniquely choose their spouses. 

In the Bonn area, a young man fell in love with a girl and placed a birch tree in front of the girl's house on April 30 or May 1. 

If the girl admires the young man, she puts the birch in the living room of her home. 

When the boy learned of this, he immediately gave the girl a jewel ring. The girl took the ring and kissed the young man to express his gratitude and accept his courtship. 

When the two sides are affectionate and inseparable, they give each other a silver ring as a sign of engagement. 

At the wedding, the two sides gave each other gold rings, indicating that their feelings will always be as pure as gold. 

Located in the southwest of Berlin, there is a town called Hichobeck. Because the town loves chess games, it is known as the "chess town". 

In this place, people who are good at chess are highly respected. 

Young boys always study chess hard and try every means to make their chess skills better, to win the favor of girls. 

The young man wanted to woo a girl, so he sent a message to the girl, hoping to play a game with her father. 

If the girl is fond of the young man, she will appoint a time to invite the young man to the house. 

When Xiaoyizi competed with the future "adults of Mount Tai", the girl and the whole family watched the game. 

The young man used his 18 martial arts, and the "Lord of Mount Tai" treated him seriously. 

After a contest, the young man won, "Lord Tarzan" will not be angry, but expressed congratulations. 

As a result, the partner will be treated kindly by the girl's family, and the courtship will be done. 

Unmarried men and women stay in a matchmaking hotel for 40 days to get together. 

On Fuer Island, there is a luxurious hotel for unmarried men and women, whose purpose is to provide a contact for those who are shy about marriage. Those who register at the hotel must have the conditions of being honest, decent, and alone, and live for no more than 40 days. 

During this period, the hotel staff took advantage of various opportunities to get in touch with men and women and get to know each other. 

Residents can also make courtship calls to strangers through the private telephone in the room to avoid the rejection of face-to-face courtship. 

During their stay here, many people can achieve the goal of getting married. 

Of course, the shortcomings of girls in marriage-seeking movies are not exposed. 

Choosing a mate in the movie is very popular with German women. 

Some girls have difficulties in solving marital problems for various reasons, so they spend money on making a marriage-seeking film. 

Under the careful arrangement of the director and photographer, the girl's advantages and talents in cooking, sewing, housing, appearance, and figure are shown vividly on the screen. 

Even a very ordinary woman will become a beautiful girl on the screen. 

As for the girl's shortcomings, only her husband knew it after marriage.