Anecdotes of European weddings-2

/September 2021

The bride and groom competed for family dominance before cutting the cake. 

The grandest and lively time for Spanish weddings is when the bride and groom cut the wedding cake. 

When the party goes on for a certain time, the waiter will bring a huge plate of cake. 

The cake has fine workmanship and has a pattern made of colored cream and the word "happiness" in Spanish. 

The bride and groom both walked to the front of the cake, holding a long stainless steel knife amid cheers and applause. 

Unlike the situation where the bride and groom work together to cut the cake at weddings in other European countries, at Spanish weddings, the bride and groom have to fight wisely to see who can skillfully take off each other's new shoes, who is the winner. 

It is said that whoever wins in the wedding will take control of the family in the future. 

At the beginning of the cake-cutting ceremony, the bridegroom was eager to cut the cake, and the bride strongly opposed it. As the groom had stronger wrists, the cake was about to be cut open. The bride hurriedly picked up a foot and stepped on the groom's foot to distract the groom from cutting the cake. 

Who would have thought that the bridegroom took the opportunity to cut the cake into two large pieces, and at the same time he bent down and took off one of the bride's shoes and held it high for everyone to watch? 

The guests applauded warmly, cheered the victory of the bridegroom, and shared the wedding cake. 

The bride made a deliberate sacrifice in order not to lose face in front of the bridegroom. She deliberately raised her feet and did not fasten her shoes so that the bridegroom could take them off at once. 

When guests share the cake, they always come up with many ideas to amuse the bride and groom. 

The bride and groom increase the festive atmosphere of the wedding, the various requirements of the guests, the surface is coy, and finally, basically, meet the requirements of the guests. 

Some guests ask the bride and groom to hug and kiss in public, some guests ask the newlyweds to introduce their love story by gesturing and performing pantomime, and some guests ask them to tell the story of their future life by painting. 

Whoever ingeniously teases the newlyweds, novel form and profound meaning will win a burst of warm applause. 

The antics of the bride and groom made the whole house roaring with laughter. 

Finally, the bride and groom danced, and the guests danced in pairs with the bride and groom, and even the parents of the bride and groom were happy to dance on the dance floor. 

The lively and joyous family wedding ball lasted until the end of the next day.

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