About My Son's Wedding-3

/September 2021

After a series of funny, teasing, and cheerful reception ceremonies, the wedding is about to begin. 

I didn't mention finding a flower girl at first. I asked if I was looking for two little flower girls. 

After the question was raised, it was agreed by everyone, and the task of finding the flower girl was left to me. 

I have a big mouth. Hi! 

Where can I find the flower girl? 

There are no such big children in my relatives' family, which makes it difficult for me. 

It suddenly occurred to me that there was a little girl at my classmate's house, who happened to be 4 years old. 

Who is the boy looking for? 

Go through all the people I know in my mind, and aim at the neighbor's little grandson. It is appropriate to try to ask. He is also 4 years old. I was moved for a long time when he said yes very quickly. 

After the flower girl is sure, I will wait for the wedding scene to see their two children. I am looking forward to it. 

Although the flower girl is only a supporting role in the wedding, it depends on the child's performance to play this role well. 

Today's children are smart, do not have to teach very hard, as long as a little guidance, he (she) will do very well. 

Neither of the children I invited had the experience of being a flower girl and did a very good job on their wedding day. 

The two children cooperated tacitly and walked professionally after only two or three rehearsals before the wedding. 

The child is also obedient, not strange at all, holding small hands, taking small steps, walking back and forth again and again, how lovely! 

The little flower girl added a lot of color to the wedding. 

Since our parents-in-law and parents-in-law were arranged to sit in front of us at the beginning of the wedding, we missed a lot of opportunities to take pictures, which is a bit of a pity for our parents-in-law who like to take pictures and take part in the fun.

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