About My Sons Wedding-2

/September 2021

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A few episodes before the wedding. 

This is the first and only wedding for a child. 

Many wedding customs do not understand and have not made any efforts in this respect, it all depends on the young people to "make trouble" on their own. 

But before the wedding, it is said that there are many games, which I did not see, and later heard from the children. 

Since the wedding was held in a hotel, the bride, groom, and bridesmaids stayed in the hotel the night before, so the procedure of picking up the bride by the wedding motorcade was omitted, and a modest contribution was made to ease the traffic congestion in the capital. 

The day before the wedding, the groom-to-be was not allowed to enter the bride-to-be room in the hotel. 

The next morning, before the wedding began, the bridegroom went to the bride's room to pick him up, the groom went to call the door, and the bridesmaids blocked the door in the bride's room. 

The groom has to go through several tests to get the bride out of the room. 

The bridegroom stood outside the bride's door and put red envelopes in the door. the price was not much, ranging from a few yuan to a few yuan. 

Besides the bridesmaids, there are relatives and friends of the bridesmaids in the bride's room. 

If there are too many people, there are many ideas. How can it be so easy for the bridegroom to pick up the bride? 

They make all kinds of demands and have all kinds of problems so that they are very lively. 

Finally, after the ordeal of 9981, the bridegroom was able to enter the room and meet the conditions put forward by the bridesmaids' relatives and friends. 

First of all, do 30 unequal push-ups. 

Then perform a program in front of everyone, or sing, or perform a role in a TV series. 

After the bridesmaids pass, there is the last hurdle, that is, to find the bride's high heels hidden in advance by the bridesmaids, and to put them on the bride herself after finding them.