A Special Dowry

/September 2021

We know that Golden Retriever is the most docile and loyal to his owners and other breeds of dogs, there is no doubt about it. 

Jin Mao Huanhuan lived in her master Li Jia's house for more than three years and spent more than three years calmly and happily with her master day and night, and everything spent every day in happiness, just like other dog families. 

Just like there is always a happy gathering and separation, the day of parting has finally come. Master Li Jia is about to marry in another city. Huanhuan feels unusual, feels that there are more strangers, and feels that the host is different from the usual. 

Huanhuan is so sensible that he may know that his master is going somewhere else and will not come back. 

On the eve of the host's wedding, Huanhuan just cherishes the last time with the host. 

When the moment of real parting came, Huanhuan was surprisingly calm. She didn't chase his master or did not let the bridegroom or anyone else enter the door. He just accompanied his beautiful master, and his master was extraordinarily beautiful today. He just wanted to remember the most beautiful appearance of his master today. 

There was a rare scene at the wedding. The moment the bride Li Jia opened the back door of the wedding car, Huanhuan, who had been very calm, jumped into the car ahead of the bride. When she saw the golden hair waiting in the car, the bride Li Jia immediately burst into tears. Huanhuan has been waiting for the bride to get on the bus. 

No one rushed to get out of the car, and everyone was surprised while waiting for the result. 

Dog owners know best that this is the outbreak of the dog's nature. what are the dogs most afraid of in their life? 

It is the loss of the master, it has achieved the master does not give up, its ending is happy, it is only natural that Huanhuan made the owner Li Jia's special dowry. 

A strange wedding took place in this way. 

The biggest highlight of the wedding is the bride's dowry Huanhuan, a Golden Retriever. 

At that time, Huanhuan walked down the red carpet with the bride and groom in white gauze and crown, and the wedding spectacle performed another love affair between people and dogs. The wedding also caused a sensation in the local area and became a topic for people to talk about after dinner. 

Among the many pets, dogs are the most human and have always been called human companions. 

Smart, loyal, take the master as all of it. 

They are man's best friends, we should be kind to them, we should use the conscience that human beings should have to live in harmony with them! 

One of the hallmarks of a nation's civilization is people's attitude towards other animals. Let us join hands to build a harmonious, civilized, and bright future.

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