A little gossip about the wedding-3

/September 2021

After six o'clock, guests came one after another. 

Our stunning courthouse wedding dress are absolutely unmissable. Available now are silhouette and variety of styles.

As a sign of etiquette, several of us stood outside the gate to greet them. 

There are a lot of people. It seems that I have underestimated the radiation range of weddings. In our culture and customs, marriage plays the role of a link between emotions and relationships, and people you have never met or haven't contacted for a long time. Have a common reason to get together. 

There are many people I do not know, and some I am familiar with, but the young people have grown up, and the older people are getting older, and time has left a mark on us. 

When the main lights in the hall go out and the colorful neon lights flash, it means that the wedding ceremony has reached its peak. 

The big screen in the middle shows a carefully edited wedding video, slightly rough, but makes people smile. 

The host pulled the two newlyweds and said the blessing speech that had been prepared for a long time. 

Those floating balloons and waving ribbons, as well as warm cheers from the stage, work together to create a fantasy atmosphere like a fairyland. 

The faces of his cousin and his lover seemed to glow at this time, and it was a holy light full of happiness, and they had a quarrel over a trifle in the morning, which now seemed more like a little note of life. 

At this moment I suddenly had an epiphany, those tedious rituals are for the perfect presentation at this time. 

Just like life, a long period of bitter time, as long as there is a short period of happy days, is enough to make people feel sweet and comfortable. no, no, no. 

Perhaps the future life will be accompanied by countless sobs and sobs, but marriage gives people the courage to face vulgarity and resist pain. After all, the common persistence of two people is better than fighting alone. 

Even if it is not so perfect, it may even fall apart, but at this moment, it is a boat carrying people out of the dark sea, and it is enough for passion only to belong to the present. 

I hope everyone can find the true love of their dreams, instead of finding someone to live a feeding life out of fear of loneliness or succumbing to compromise. 

But it is unpredictable where that person is and how far away he is from you. 

Instead of falling into confusion and confusion, it is better to live at a normal pace, and maybe when you wake up the next day and go downstairs to buy breakfast, you will meet a loved one. Who can tell this kind of thing, right?