A little gossip about the wedding-2

/September 2021

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However, I was a little touched by the fact that the newlyweds offered tea to their parents and changed their names to their parents. 

This is an extremely important ceremony, the living room is already crowded, everyone in a circle, can not wait to enjoy the scene. 

But I caught a glimpse of my aunt hiding in the corner, crying silently. 

I forgot to mention that my cousin's family was reorganized and his parents divorced when he was very young. 

So at this time, the aunt had to avoid the tea toast for the time being. 

When the bride and groom shouted out their parents for tea, she quickly hid in the room and did not look. 

I understand my aunt's feelings. I have given birth to my son for more than 20 years, but I can only watch him call someone else's mother on the wedding day, which is indeed an indescribable sad feeling. 

So when it was her turn, I could see that she was trying to control her emotions, but when she saw her son daughter-in-law kneeling in front of her, she couldn't help it any longer and let her tears flow as much as she could. 

The bride was very understanding and took the initiative to hug her aunt and pat her shoulder to comfort her. 

Time seemed to freeze temporarily, and there was a strange calm around them so that they could enjoy the warmth of this moment. 

It suddenly dawned on me that the complicated and boring routines in my eyes may be of great significance to the elders. 

The routine is mechanical, but the emotion is sincere and moving, it represents a kind of inheritance and handover, there are few such opportunities in life. 

After a simple lunch in the restaurant, the remaining hours are used to conserve energy and save tax. because of our customs, the wedding banquet in the evening is the highlight. 

The bridegroom and I can't be idle. After a short rest, we have to go to the hotel in advance to arrange the arrangements. 

It drizzled continuously, but I didn't feel gloomy. Rain Water brushed his face, but it made people feel comfortable and comfortable. 

Walking into the lobby of the hotel, there is a large photo of the newlyweds standing right in the middle, smiling like a beaming face, which is extremely eye-catching. 

Clayderman's famous song "Wedding in a Dream" rang in my ear. It turned out to be a girl playing the piano. 

All this is so gentle and quiet as if waiting for the last best part to come.