A little gossip about the wedding-1

/September 2021

Wang Xiaobo once said that everything will inevitably become vulgar in the end. 

The older I get, the more I understand the meaning of this sentence. 

Sometimes the truth may not be so pleasant, but there is no other way but to accept it silently. 

For example, the wedding, one of the most important and exciting ceremonies in life, but from the point of view of me as a spectator, there is only indifference and numbness, which is not the same as the excitement of attending the wedding when I was a child. 

The wedding I knew when I was young is a grand and prosperous party, with countless delicious food and wonderful customs, which is more fun than the Spring Festival, naively thinking that this is what marriage is all about. 

Which is like now, knowing the calculations and games behind the so-called happiness and determining all the red tape and principles of interest, marriage has become more like a calm business negotiation. 

What is even more frustrating is that both parties do not know how many times they have sex before marriage, and the last bit of mystery is gone, and how can people cheer up when there is no sense of freshness? 

So today's wedding is more like a spoiled play, often for the attention of others, the bride and groom like actors, running around the stage only to play their role, to meet the needs of the audience. 

In the past, I would look forward to my future happiness by watching the happy events of others, as if it was a kind of rehearsal and early experience. 

Now that I have been invited to be the best man at my cousin's wedding, all I can think about is how to help him perform the play smoothly. 

I didn't get much sleep all night, and I got up the next morning and began to work. 

The wedding process is a set of sophisticated procedures designed to decorate the wedding room, plan the route of the wedding car, pick up relatives at the hotel, play a few Mini games, offer tea to the elders, shoot short videos, and so on. 

There is no special surprise, we are all ordinary people, not so many fancies on the Internet, the successful completion is lucky.

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