9 bizarre wedding traditions from all over the world-2

/September 2021


Indian henna. 

The event called Mehendi is a colorful celebration held by women on the bride's side of the family the night before the wedding. 

Professional artists or relatives "tattoo" henna on the hands and feet of brides and other women in the family. 

These designs symbolize spiritual awakening, joy, beauty, and dedication. 

This tradition is very popular in many other Asian countries. 


Bread and salt, Russia. 

At a wedding ceremony in Russia, the parents of the bride and groom greeted the couple with bread and salt. 

This is a tradition that implies hospitality. 

The bride and groom broke off a piece of bread, sprinkled with salt, and fed each other. 

Superstitiously, those who break a bigger piece will be in charge of their future house. 

After that, each guest will receive a piece of wedding bread called Karavan. 


Bride doll, Puerto Rico. 

At their wedding in Puerto Rico, they had a bride doll that looked similar to the bride and dressed similarly. 

The doll was covered with amulets and then took it off and gave it to the guests, who needed to put the money on the doll in exchange. 


Spit on the bride, Kenya. 

Maasai girls in Kenya are usually given to men who are much older than brides. 

At the wedding, the bride's father or brother spit on her head as a blessing. 

Then she left the house with her new husband, and no matter how far away she was, she would walk to her new home. 


Bathroom ban, Indonesia. 

On the island of Borneo between Indonesia and Malaysia, the Tidong tribe follows an ancient tradition that newlyweds are not allowed to use the bathroom for three days and three nights after the wedding. 

This is why the bride and groom get very little food and drink during the wedding. 

They believe that this custom will lead to a long, happy, and fertile marriage while breaking it will bring very bad luck. 

Have you ever seen an interesting and unusual wedding tradition?

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