9 bizarre wedding traditions from all over the world-1

/September 2021

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Some wedding traditions-bachelor parties and bridal bouquets-are well known and in practice around the world. Some rituals can only be practiced by people of a particular country or culture. 

"the whole world is incredible." 

Discovered some amazing wedding traditions from different countries. 

Look at them to the end, because the last one is really difficult. 


Log cutting, Germany. 

An old German wedding tradition is to cut logs with a large saw with two handles. 

This behavior shows the ability of married couples to work together and overcome any obstacles that may occur in the marriage. 

2. 2 children, Sudan. 

In the Nuer tribe in Sudan, the bridegroom can get married by paying a certain number of cattle. 

The wedding is completed only when the wife gives birth to two children. 

If the wife has only one child, the husband can ask for a divorce. 

If the husband dies, his brother must become the husband of the new window. 


Blackmail the bride, Romania. 

In Romania and some other European countries, simulated kidnapping can be played before weddings. 

The bride is "kidnapped" by family, friends, or hired actors, and the groom must pay a ransom with money, drinks, or romantic gestures to save her. 


Breaking glass, Jewish tradition. 

When the Jewish wedding is over, the bride and groom will step on the glass in the cloth bag and break it. 

It has multiple meanings, one of which is to show that marriage has joys and sorrows, and represents the commitment to depend on each other.